The Hansen Park Home Owner Association is made up of 8 volunteer Board Members. Board members are elected to serve a two-year term. Elections are held each year in the fall, and the new board takes office in January.

The current Board is made up of the following volunteers:

You may email the board at:

Please contact us if you are interested in filling any vacant positions.

Board member position descriptions


  • Provide overall leadership to the Board
    • Organize/maintain monthly Board meetings to include agenda
    • Be aware of external regulatory requirements regarding management of an HOA
  • Ensure development of policies that supplement the Covenants
  • Ensure consistency in following/interpreting Covenants
  • Develop/maintain relationship with the HOA attorney – use the attorney to act as an impersonal voice in application of the Covenants
  • Working with the Treasurer, develop and maintain annual budgets that maintain fiscal integrity of the HOA
  • Oversee selection (annual contracts) of common area maintenance
  • Organize the annual meeting per the Covenants
  • Be accessible to all homeowners for any issue regarding the HOA

Vice president

  • Perform all functions of the President when the President is not available
  • Assume leadership for special projects


  • Record and Maintain accurate, electronic minutes of monthly board meetings and annual meeting and distribute to board members (laptop necessary)


  • Approve and sign checks issued from The Hoa account
  • Attend monthly Board Meeting and report status of money spent and money available
  • Prepare annual budget
  • Submit monthly reports to Board i.e. Bank Reconciliation, A/R, Profit and Loss, Delinquent accounts, Budget vs actual spent

Representative At Large: Communications

  • Newsletter prep/distribution by Kinkos -about 4 per year (template is made)
  • Monitor incoming emails-forward/respond
  • Post Facebook updates
  • Post ads/signs for yard sales
  • Plan annual BBQ and any other suggested events (form committees to assist)

Representative At Large: Landscaping

  • Oversight of the landscaping contract for the HOA common areas
    • Contract oversight/performance of the annual landscaping contract (e.g., grass mowing, trimming, weed control) for all common areas.
    • Interfaces directly with contractor on all issues pertaining to contract
  • Prepares bidding materials for renewal of contract
    • Contacts potential bidders to solicit interest in submitting bids on contract
      (minimum of three (3) bids should be submitted to the Board to ensure adequate
    • Participates in evaluation (along with Vice-president/President) in selection of new

Representative At Large: Covenant Enforcement

  • Responsible for maintaining overall Homeowner
    Association Covenants as they apply to Hansen Park
  • Maintains working knowledge of
  • Works closely with the Association attorney on any questions of interpretation or
    application of the Covenants
  • Deals directly with any homeowner at their request on unresolved
  • Routinely surveys the community for Covenant violations. Typically this involves a
    weekly sweep through the community.
  • Utilizes/shares information with other Board members – particularly Board Architecture
    Review Committee member(s) who may offer observations/information on potential
    Covenant violations
  • Prepares correspondence to homeowners on violations; utilizes/maintains standard templates for correspondence to ensure consistency in application/enforcement of the Covenants
  • Maintains log of all actions/correspondence
  • Follows up on correspondence to ensure compliance or further action
  • Deals directly with HOA attorney on actions that require formal (i.e., “legal”)
  • Provides updates to webmaster for Covenants “Primer” which is posted on the HOA

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

  • Review plans for all structures to be erected on Hansen Park properties. Structures are defined in section 1.1.18 of the Hansen Park Covenants.
  • Present review findings to the HOA Board for approval and notify homeowners in writing of the Board’s decision.
  • Keep a record of all requests.
  • Prepare a monthly report of ACC activities and attend monthly HOA Board meetings.
  • Prepare HOA policies, as requested by the Board.
  • Follow up on covenant violation corrective actions mandated by the Board as it applies
    to structures.

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