Feb-2017 HOA Board meeting minutes

Hansen Park HOA Meeting Minutes


Call to order

Aaron Beasley called to order the regular meeting of the Hansen Park HOA Board at 6:30pm on February 21, 2017 at 8603 W 3rd Ave.

Roll call

The following persons were present: Aaron Beasley, Teri Miller, Shelley Clark, Marty Zizzi and Leon Preddie.  Guests Angie Torres and Chuck Resendez from Senske Lawn Care.


The minutes were read and approved.

The financial report was read and approved.

  1. Senske program
  2. Senske is willing to come to meetings.
  3. Dog stations need garbage cans added at the cost of $250 per can. It was moved and seconded to purchase and install the cans.  Motion passed.
  4. Angie does the billings
  5. Snow removal would be a separate contract. We requested a proposal for the 4th Avenue walkways.  Upon receipt we will determine if it will fit in the 2018 budget.
  6. Mowing will begin mid-March.
  7. Open issues
  8. The Next Door app is picking up. It was suggested to put a link to Next Door on the website.
  9. Regarding the Neighborhood Watch program, Aaron found that there is no formal program with the Kennewick Police. The project has been tabled for now.
  10. The annual yard sales will be April 29, 2017 and September 23, 2017.
  11. Aaron will check on the pond gate to make sure the lock has been removed now that the snow is gone.
  12. We are still in need of a landscape board member. The sidewalks need to be assessed for repairs.
  13. New business
  14. CCR – Marty reported there may be an issue with a homeowner that has altered the drainage at the rear of his property that is affecting another property. He has written to the offending homeowner requesting a plan. We are waiting until spring to see what effects the drainage has.
  15. Trash cans are being left out due to weather.
  16. Marty is waiting for response about the promised Hansen Park entrance sign on 4th and Clodfelter.
  17. We decided to invite Celske and Associates to our next meeting to discuss the possibility of HOA management.
  18. It was brought up that we need to send out the email HOA newsletter in addition to the website.

Dates to remember

  1. Meetings will continue to be on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Aaron’s home at 8603 W 3rd The next meeting will be March 14, 2017
  2. The annual picnic will be held on September 9, 2017
  3. The annual yard sales will be April 29, 2017 and September 23, 2017
  4. The annual meeting will be held on or close to November 14, 2017, depending on availability of the Kennewick Library meeting room


Aaron Beasley adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Shelley Clark

Minutes reviewed by:  [Name]

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