Nov-2016 HOA Board meeting minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes


Call to order

Dave Jepsen called to order the regular meeting of the Hansen Park HOA Board at 6:30pm on November 7, 2016 at Kennewick Public Library.

Roll call

The following Board Members were present: Dave Jepsen, Shelley Clark, Leon Preddie, Marty Zizzi, Jeremy Mansius and Aaron Beasley (2017 President elect). A list of homeowners in attendance is attached.

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Dave Jepsen reviewed the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved.

Open issues

  • We have received sufficient ballots from homeowners for a quorum for tonight’s meeting.

New business

  • ACC and Landscape positions are still open.
  • Dave went over the budget as our bookkeeper was not in attendance.
    • The annual audit was added to the budget.
    • This year we may have an excess of funds which will be added to the emergency fund for any future large items such as replacing the pond liner.
    • The budget was good for last year with actual expenses staying close to the budgeted amount.
    • We will begin charging interest on delinquent HOA dues accounts.
    • The budget was passed with the ballots received online and in writing.
  • Marty is handling the ACC and will review any new building on the remaining 4-5 lots on Pittsburg Street. He will also review any requests for changes to property to make sure they comply with HOA covenants and have the City of Kennewick compliance approval.
  • Jeremy spoke as the Landscape representative.
    • The current Landscape contract with Senske runs from March 1st to February 28th. The cost is fixed through February 2018 .  We can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice.
    • Jeremy has moved out of Hansen Park and we will need to fill this position for 2017. Jeremy will continue through the end of 2016.
  • Leon explained the CCR duties and spoke to the following ongoing issues:
    • 4 properties are heading to lien status.
      • 2 have paid
      • 1 is in the process of paying and will go to mitigation with the board.
      • 1 has refused to pay and a lien will be placed
    • Why does it take so long to resolve issues? We can only move within the guidelines of the process.  Liens are cumulative and fines are still due once the problem has been remedied.  No further fines are assessed unless the issue recurs within the time frame outlined in the HOA rules.
    • Leon explained the process for the non-payer.

Question and Answer

  • Q: How often do we meet as a board?
    A: Once a month. One homeowner expressed interest in the Landscape position.
  • Q: What is happening with the raised sidewalk areas at the ADA corners?
    A: They are being identified and painted for tripping hazard. We are working with the city to determine if the ADA ramps are homeowner responsibility or city responsibility for repair. The sidewalk maintenance is typically the responsibility of the homeowner, however, due to the ADA requirement, may be something the city could provide help with
  • Q: One homeowner reported that he still has seen chickens in Hansen Park which are not allowed by covenant.
    A: If you see them, please photograph them and notify the CCR representative. We have to see them in order to approach the homeowner regarding removal.
  • Q: Who is responsible for the area on 10th outside of the wall between Montana and Clodfelter?
    A: Marty will contact the Hansen Park LLC to determine what will become of this area in regards to landscaping, irrigation and maintenance.
  • Q: For walkers crossing 4th near the park have we considered a crosswalk?
    A: We will contact the city regarding that request.
  • Q: Who is responsible to maintain the mailbox areas?
    A: The homeowner is responsible. They are not part of the common area.
  • Q: Do street sweepers come to Hansen Park?
    A: Yes, but not often.
  • Q: Is there any solution to the bird droppings on the sidewalks near the lake?
    A: We tried deterrent dog cutouts, but they were not effective. It was suggested we install a hose outlet in the lake area to hose off the walkways. It was also suggested to bring in a trained dog like they do at the airport to chase off birds. Ideas will be considered by the board and we welcome any other ideas.

Additional issues in closing

  1. Invoices will go out mid-November for HOA dues. Rates have not increased. They are due January 1 with a 1% per month finance charge added starting February 1.
  2. Keep in mind that fences may need to be re-stained every 3 years or so. Notices will go out to any homeowners in the spring if their fence is in need of staining or other repairs.


Dave Jepsen adjourned the meeting at 7:20 pm.
Minutes submitted by:  Shelley Clark
Minutes reviewed by:  David L. Jepsen, President, Hansen Park HOA

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