Oct-2016 HOA Board meeting minutes

Hansen Park HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Call to order

Dave Jepsen called to order the regular meeting of the Hansen Park HOA Board at 6:35pm on October 11, 2016 at 700 S Joliet Street.

Roll call

The following persons were present: Teri Miller, Dave Jepsen, Shelley Clark, Leon Preddie, Marty Zizzi, Jeremy Mansius and Aaron Beasley.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Dave Jepsen read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved.

Open issues

  • Financial report was reviewed and approved. Books are in the process of being audited.
  • Bark has been added to the toddler park. Senske has replaced the trees.
  • 1 homeowner has still not paid annual dues and a lien placed on the home. A question was raised as to what happens after three years of past due fees.
  • Marty is approving ACC. He will get the transfer of responsibility in writing so there should be no problems with the remaining 4-5 lots/homes to be built.
  • During the Annual Barbeque, a neighbor’s power was inadvertently used to power equipment without permission. $25 for compensation was paid to the homeowner.
  • The taco truck is being addressed and the owner will be billed for fines.
  • The boat trailer has not moved and will start being charged fines.
  • We have received 151 ballots and need 22 more. We have until November 7th to collect ballots.

New business

  • The annual meeting will be Monday, November 7 th , 6:30pm at the Kennewick Library located at 1620 S Union St.
  • There was a suggestion that the CCR person should be a paid position since the job requires a lot of time. The amount per year was suggested as $5000. The issue was tabled so we can think about it more and will be discussed further at a future meeting.
  • Senske workers have had issues with dog doo bags being left on the lawns and creates more work for them to mow. They suggested we add waste receptacles at the dog stations. The cost will be researched.
  • There are 3 identified hazard areas where sidewalks have become dangerous due to settling at the handicap ramps on corners. We will contact the City of Kennewick to determine who is responsible for maintenance of the handicapped areas.
  • Bills for HOA dues will go out in November. They are due January 31 and interest will start on February 1.
  • We have received the audit report from the CPA. There is a discrepancy in the number of homes. That will be researched and corrected on the report.
  • One homeowner is building a pool. Marty said it is in compliance with City of Kennewick. They are also building a pool house/extension and Marty has spoken with the homeowner regarding getting City approved plans for the HOA approval.
  • A shed being built will be compliant matching to the house siding and color.
  • A question came up regarding the maximum size allowed for trailer parking.
  • Two of the 4 properties with compliance issues will be placed on lien status. The remaining 2 promise to pay the fines.
  • We will address the fence staining in the spring as it is too late in the season to expect anyone to do that work.


Dave Jepsen adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm.

Minutes submitted by: Shelley Clark

Minutes reviewed by: David L. Jepsen

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