Sep-2016 HOA Board meeting minutes

Hansen Park HOA Meeting Minutes


Call to order

Dave Jepsen called to order the regular meeting of the Hansen Park HOA Board at 6:30pm on September 13, 2016 at 700 S Joliet Street.

Roll call

The following persons were present: Teri Miller, Dave Jepsen, Shelley Clark, Leon Preddie, and Aaron Beasley.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Dave Jepsen read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved.

Open issues

      • Financial report was reviewed and approved. Books are in the process of being audited.
      • Bark for the toddler park is not in these numbers. Jeremy will order more bark for around $1000.
      • Senske will replace a couple of trees.   Trees cost about $250 each
      • 1 homeowner has still not paid annual dues and a lien placed on the home. The current listing shows only late charges or interest due. This year billings will hopefully go out with the exact amount due to clear these amounts. Bills expected to go out in November.
      • Marty is filling in for ACC and of the 5 lots on Pittsburg, 1 has sold. Marty will get in touch with Hansen Park LLC to let them know he is approving the last 5 home plans so as to be proactive and avoid problems with final building.
      • During the Annual Barbeque, a neighbor’s power was inadvertently used to power equipment without permission and we will compensate him for the cost and inconvenience. It was decided $25 for power would be satisfactory.
      • The Barbeque event went well with lots of help. Many votes were collected at the event, however, we need to gather more before the annual meeting. Tell people to vote online.
      • The “taco truck” is being addressed and the owner will move it the 24th
      • The boat trailer has not moved and will start being charged fines.

New business

      • The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 11th


Dave Jepsen adjourned the meeting at 7:20 pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Shelley Clark

Minutes reviewed by:  David L. Jepsen

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