Call to order

Dave Jepsen called to order the regular meeting of the Hansen Park HOA Board at 6:35pm on August 4, 2016 at 700 S Joliet Street.

Roll call

The following persons were present: Dave Jepsen, Shelley Clark, Leon Preddie, Marty

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Dave Jepsen read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved.

Open issues

  • Financial report was tabled until next month due to Terri Miller not being present. The books will be professionally audited this year by Tri City CPA. The cost was estimated to be $1750. It will be added as a budget item going forward.
  • 3 homeowners have still not paid annual dues. They will be contacted regarding payment.
  • Plans for shop on homeowner’s property have been approved by the City of Kennewick and will begin building. Marty will send a reply from the HOA.
  • Vacant lots on Pittsburg Street have been cleaned up and mowed.

New business

  • We are soliciting names to fill vacant positions of President and Code Enforcement. Bylaws state we need to have a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer on the ballot. (Our paid bookkeeper fills the role of Treasurer).
  • We will need to get the proposed budget ready by 8/12/16 so that it can be voted on before year end. It needs to be ready by 8/19/16 in order to mail by 8/26/16.
  • Per the RCW, we need to have a reserve study prepared. Some costs that will need to be saved for are:
    • Pond liner
    • Irrigation lines maintenance
    • Who does reserve studies? Can it be performed as a student project?
  • Dave will talk to Jeremy regarding adding bark to the toddler park.
  • We will resend the fence letter reminding people to re-stain their fences as they get weathered looking.
  • The Barbeque is September 10th from 4-6pm. We will need a few helpers from 3-7 for setup and cleanup.
  • We received an email about a trash can being left out. It will be looked into.


Dave Jepsen adjourned the meeting at 7:55 pm.

Minutes submitted by: Shelley Clark

Minutes reviewed by: [Dave Jepsen]