April 12, 2016

  1. Call to order

Dave Jepsen called to order the regular meeting of the Hansen Park HOA Board at 6:35pm on April 12, 2016 at 700 S Joliet Street.

  1. Roll call

The following persons were present: Teri Miller, Dave and Laura Jepsen, Shelley and Bruce Clark, Leon Preddie, Bobby Gale, Jeremy Mansius and Tom Hall.

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Dave Jepsen read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved.

  1. Open issues
  1. Financial report was reviewed and approved.
  2. 68 homeowners have still not paid annual dues.
  3. Senske will be billing the parts and labor for fixing broken sprinklers on a monthly basis.  
  1. New business
  1. Laura will research tax bills we received for parcels that may not be ours.
  2. Tom brought up issues regarding the lake.  Rock will be added around the lake on Saturday, the 23rd.  Weeds around the lake will be discussed with Eugene at Senske.  Bobby will order 40 more dye packs for treatment of the water.  We will wait to spray to see how the dye packs work.  Dave will look into cost and feasibility of adding a bubbler to existing pump.  Water will be added to flush the lake for a week.
  3. Planter boxes will be replanted with spring flowers.  A tree in front of a home will be replaced with a dogwood which is acceptable to the HOA.
  4. Landscaping – Jeremy will follow up on aeration with Eugene.  The birch tree injections have been done.  Doggy bags in dispensers are empty, so he will contact Senske about keeping them filled.  We are considering removing some trees that have gotten too large.
  5. Compliance – A 30-day notice will be sent regarding the pergola color issue.  It was brought to our attention that a new shed being built may be too close to the fence line.  The city will be notified in case it in violation of city codes.  It was discussed how to handle the non-compliant home.  It will be directed to our attorney to send a letter of request for a timeline to complete the work to bring it into compliance. Abandoned work trailer now off Pittsburg street and on the property, however, homeowners on that street are not happy with the abandoned materials on the empty parcels.  A homeowner with a non-compliant shed will plant arborvitae to hide his shed.
  6. Spring Yard Sale is scheduled for May 14, 2016.


  1. Adjournment

Dave Jepsen adjourned the meeting at 8:35 pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Shelley Clark

Minutes reviewed by:  David L. Jepsen