Meeting minutes (HANSEN PARK HOA)  1-12-2016


Dave  Jepsen, President;  Bobby Gale, Vice-President;  Leon Preddie, CCR Enforcements;  Terri Miller, Bookkeeper;  Laura Jepsen, Acting Secretary


Financial reports were reviewed and updated in format from the last meeting.  The updated format was discussed and approved without changes.

Meeting minutes from last meeting were reviewed, including the updated financial format.


Teri presented updated financials with the new format.

Late fees are to be assessed beginning February 1rst, 2016.  Interest starts accruing as of this date.

Spring yard sale date has been set for May 14.  Help will be needed getting out the signage prior to the day.

Fall BBQ  has been set for September 10th.  Laura will call Inflatable fun to reserve the usual bouncy houses, etc.

The Hansen Park Lake was placed on lockdown until thawing takes place.

Dave will get a bid for tree thinning along 4th avenue, for damaged tree replacement and for upgrades on inadequate (non-commercial grade) irrigation filters.

Current compliance issues were discussed.

Fence staining will again be emphasized this coming Spring season.

Landscaping continues to be completed by the city along the newly finished Steptoe extension.