Hansen Park HOA Annual Meeting 11/12/15

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Meeting started at 6:30 PM.

Board Attendants: Dave Jepsen, Bobby Gale, Leon Preddie, and Teri Miller

Resident Attendants: Approximately 15 residents were in attendance.

Overview of prior month’s meeting. Dave discussed the Meeting Minutes from October 13, with no comments from the residents or other board members.

Votes were tallied for the 2016 Board and were sent via mail and online proxy. The Board received enough through these avenues to solidify Board membership.

Topics Discussed:

  • Financial Review
  • Landscaping
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Compliance with Washington State HOA Law

Financial Review:

  • The 2016 budget was discussed and approved and noted that HOA dues will not be raised in 2016.
    • The Board’s primary expense is from landscaping and maintenance. There are three bids being considered for 2016, all of which fall within budget.
  • The Board is now collecting dues for 2016.


  • Discussed the 2016 landscaping contracts.
  • Discussed the improvements made to the Toddler Park in 2015. A new basketball court was installed and toddler play equipment was updated.
  • Discussed dollars earmarked for regular pond maintenance which residents commented on the need for.

Covenant Enforcement:

  • The major focus for covenant enforcement revolved around new construction compliance and which entity, the Board or the Developer, has the final sign off for new construction aesthetic compliance.
    • It’s been determined that the Board is the ultimate authority for new construction compliance, not the developer.
  • All homeowners are ultimately responsible for knowing the Hansen Park HOA covenants.
  • Discussion of the Fee Schedule was brought up by a resident who encouraged the Board to reflect it on the next quarterly newsletter.
  • A question was raised on parking and the definition of “Commercial-type” trucks or trailers along the street and in driveways. The Board interprets “Commercial-type” to mean any commercial truck or trailer, including pickups that are obviously oversized or contain paint jobs used for advertising or graphics used for advertising. The Board’s interpretation is that these are not allowed.

WA State HOA Law:

  • The HOA is checking into Washington State Law to determine the minimum amount of cash reserves a HOA needs to have on hand in its bank accounts.
    • Bobby Gale is researching the subject.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00.