HOA Meeting

Please note that the Hansen Park HOA Annual Meeting location has been changed from the Mid-Columbia library to the Cross View Community church building.

The Hansen Park HOA Board needs both a Secretary and and an Architectural Control Committee — please volunteer!

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October 13, 2015

Present:  Dave Jepsen, Bobby Gale, Jeremy Mansius, Leon Preddie, Teri Miller, Laura Jepsen

Financial Review –Teri

  • Reviewed receivables, payables, liens and current status of budget categories. 
  • All is on track for completing the calendar within budget. 
  • Billings for 2016 will be mailed out to homeowners by 11/1/15. 

Landscaping – Jeremy

  • Basketball hoop installation in the neighborhood park on 1st Ave is complete.  This marks the end of the park improvement project that was taken on this year.
  • A settlement was negotiated on the final billing from Premier.  They will re-bill at the new amount and provide a bid for tree trimming on 4th Ave.
  • It was agreed that all future non-contracted landscaping work needs to be formally bid and agreed upon before work commences.
  • Sprinklers will be blown out on 10/20/15…  KID water was turned off on 10/11/15.
  • Jeremy will check into the cost of adding rock to the edge of the pond.
  • Bids for the new landscaping contract have been submitted by Premier, Senske and Epic.  No decision has been made.

Covenant Enforcement – Leon Preddie

  • Leon continues to move forward with contacts and working with homeowners.
  • Ongoing issues with certain homeowners were discussed and courses of action agreed upon.

New Business – Dave Jepsen

  • Due to the public library and PUD buildings being booked, the Annual Homeowner Meeting will be held on November 12, 2015 at Crossview Church at 540 N. Colorado Street, Kennewick (behind Applebees).  Time is 6:30.
  • We have enough votes and proxies collected to have a quorum.
  • The HOA is in need of a new Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Lead and a secretary.  If anyone is interested, please contact Dave Jepsen.
  • Bobby Gale will fill in for the ACC until one can be identified.
  • Dave will contact Nathan about updating the webpage with the meeting information and need for more board members.

Next Meeting : Annual Homeowners Meeting on November 12 at 6:30pm.