In Attendance: Dave Jepsen, Leon Preddie, Teri Miller, Micah Riesenweber

Old Business

Annual HOA Meeting – November 12 @ the library on Union. – Laura will reserve the room for 6:30.

HOA BBQ – September 19th 4-6pm

  • Inflatable Fun will again bring equipment and staff for the activities
  • Proxies and Budget will be ready
  • Multiple HOA Board positions need to be filled.
  • Dave will put signs out advertising the BBQ soon

New Business

Boy scouts are installing a new basketball hoop at the toddler park.

Pond Area:

  • A tree around the pond is leaning against the fence and will be removed soon
  • The two tree removed from around the pond will be replace by the homeowner who requested their removal
  • More rock will be added around the pond
  • The pond has been retreated for algae

The proposed budget for 2016 is near completion. It will be mailed this week along with voting ballots for HOA Board possessions.


  • We have received bids from Senske, Heritage and Premier

Architectual Representative and Secretary board positions need to be filled.

Nathan will email people reminding them that the BBQ is on September 19, 4-6pm

Next Meeting – October 13, 6:30 pm