Board members present:  Dave Jepsen, Leon Preddie, Terry Miller, Micah Riesenweber and Bobby Gale  Absent:  Paul Smith, Jeremy Mansius

Homeowner Requests

610 S. Hawaii. A plumb tree around the pond is hanging over a homeowners fence and dropping fruit in their yard. Jeremy will coordinate removing and/or replacing the tree.

Old Business

Leon consulted our Lawyer who confirmed that the truck in question is a ‘commercial type truck’.

A homeowner asked if we would we would take out a couple of trees around the pond. – The trees will be removed and replaced with some smaller trees that maintain the integrity of the pond area.

A treatment has been applied to the lake. Progress was made on the milfoil problem. More treatments will be applied.

New Business


  • The perimeter of the lake needs to be re-rocked.
  • A possible bubbler on the Southside of the lake needs to be reviewed for potential installation.

Terry will issue delinquent notification to homeowners that have yet to pay their dues.  Liens will be assessed if not paid by the date notified.

Eric (our former grounds keeper) is no longer employed by us. Premier will assume Eric’s tasks. Premier with be asked to continue to split parts and labor for budgeting purposes. Jeremy Mansius is our new landscape representative.

A home on 1st has overgrown willow trees. A nearby home has overgrown weeds. Both are being contacted.

Paul has approved a patio cover and is working on other A.C.C. issues.

Micah contacted Inflatable Fun about the HOA BBQ in September of 2015. They are unavailable September 12, but are available any other Saturday of the month.  We will move the date to September 19.  We’ll discuss the time of day with Inflatable Fun. We are considering 3:30-6:30. Homeowners will be notified once the details have been arranged.