Board members present:  Dave Jepsen, Leon Preddie, Paul Smith, Terry Miller, Micah Riesenweber and Bobby Gale

Homeowner Requests

A homeowner is concerned because their Toyota pickup truck has been deemed work truck because of the company logo and lettering on it. The homeowner says that the vehicle will not fit in the garage. Furthermore, it has not been enforced by previous boards for 8 years of living here. It is personally owned, not through a business.  Initial response: Rules are being enforced across the board. Many other vehicles have been moved into garages or parked off site.

  • The HOA Lawyer will be consulted to discuss proper interpretation of ‘commercial type vehicles.’

A new homeowner, whose home will be completed in the next week or two on Hawaii, has requested that two pine trees be removed on the backside of their property that are blocking the view of the pond. They expressed willingness to pay to remove and replace the trees.

A homeowner continues to be concerned with dogs near Idaho and 4th. The police have been informed and have contacted the homeowners. It is believed that there are 3 dogs living there, the covenant limit homeowners to two.  Further documentation and action is being pursued with the police department.

Old Business

Brent, from Premier Pools, came to the meeting. Premier manages the mowing for Hansen Park. There has been an issue with bark being knocked off trees by the lawn mowers. They have added protection around the bases of the trees. Brent could help with the pond, if the current treatment is unsuccessful.

Pond Update – Chemicals were purchased in may. Numerous companies were contacted to apply the chemicals in a professional fashion (3 golf courses were contacted as well as the City of Kennewick and Heritage). No companies were willing to work apply the chemicals. Eric recently applied a spray for milfoil. A week from now another treatment is being applied for algae. Previous boards and maintenance personnel have not treated the pond. This board is working to correct the current situation and establish preventative maintenance schedules.

New Business

The new toddler toys have arrived for the park at Montana and 1st. The Boy Scouts will install them in the near future.

Financial Report

  • 24 remaining households have yet to pay HOA dues. Terry contacted homeowners and 5 paid.
  • Mailers will go out in 3 weeks to remaining bills.
  • Finances are tracking well for the year.

The board is working on establishing a schedule of fees and fines for non-compliance. The schedule will be posted on the HOA website.

Paul has approved a few requests for house paint colors and fences. One request to paint a wood fence white was denied.