In Attendance: Dave Jepsen, Bobby Gale, Leon Preddie, Paul Smith, Ray and Marilyn Taylor – Homeowners

Terri Miller – Treasurer – Report via Dave Jepsen

  • Dues are continuing to come in and Accounts Receivable is at 12.7%.
  • All current spending is within expected ranges.

Paul Smith – Architectural Reviews

  • Shed Inquiry
  • Shed request – in process
  • 3 pool requests – in process
  • Pergola request – in process
  • Paint request – approved

Leon Preddie – Code Enforcement

  • Yard Sale signs are ordered and will be available for May 16.
  • Attorney contacts regarding code violation issues.
  • Discussion regarding ongoing efforts to assist homeowners to come into code compliance.

Old  Business

  • Eric Gray is doing a good job with weeding, pruning and general spring cleanup around the property. His next priority project will be getting the sprinkler system up and running now that the KID water is available. A Landscaping Representative is still needed to oversee his duties.
  • Toddler park toys have been selected and were presented to the board. Approval given to go ahead with immediate ordering.
  • The last hard copy of the Hansen Park Newsletter will go out very soon.
    • Topics were discussed.
    • Instructions will be included for future email delivery. The newsletter will continue to be posted on the Hansen Park Webpage.
    • Dave and Bobby will compose the newsletter and forward it to Nathan this week.

New Business

  • Attorney inquiry regarding placement of the perimeter fence on the west end of the development. Response letter sent.

Next Meeting: 05/12/14 at 700 S. Joliet