In Attendance: Dave Jepsen, Micah Riesenweber, Paul Smith, Leon Preddie, Terry Miller

Terry Miller – Treasurer:

  • 77 homeowners have still not paid dues. One notice has been sent, another will be sent next month.

Paul Smith – Architectural Reviews

3 emails received

  • Paint color request – Approved
  • Fence question – Homeowner is uncomfortable about the current fence’s ability to keep the neighbors dogs contained. Chain link is not allowed. Homeowner was referred to the guidelines.
  • Solar Shade requested – It is not a permanent structure therefore the homeowner can proceed.

Leon Preddie – Code Enforcement

  • Leon and Dave are talking with the HOA lawyer about code enforcement and covenant interpretation.
  • Leon has samples of signs for Yard Sale. Date of Yard Sale is May 16. .   Six signs and frames will be ordered soon.

Old Business:

  • Eric Grey was hired for the groundskeeper position
    • His responsibilities have begun already
  • The spring newsletter will be the last hardcopy.
    • It will include instructions for people to signup to receive emailed.
    • Next meeting board members will submit content for the newsletter
  • East end pond gate is completed.
  • Toddler toys will be purchased
  • The city will replace the grass and trees that were removed on the west end Steptoe extension.

Next meeting: 4/14/14 @ 700 Joliet