The February 2015 HOA Board Meeting


In Attendance: Dave Jepsen, Micah Riesenweber, Paul Smith, Leon Preddie, Terry Miller

Terry Miller – Treasurer:

80ish home owners have yet to pay their annual dues.

  • Terry will send out notifications that a 1.5% charge will be added per month to unpaid bills.
  • Budget reports have been redesigned.

Paul Smith – Architectural Reviews

  • No emails were received this month.

Dave Jepsen – President:

  • Mounts is in the process of repairing the east end pond gate.

Leon Preddie – Code Enforcement

  • A recent complaint was made concerning an oversized RV.
  • There are a number of other CCR violations that Leon is working on.

Old Business:

  • 9 applications have come in for the groundskeeper position
    • We will interview the top two applicants.
  • The spring newsletter will be the last hardcopy.
    • It will include instructions for people to signup to receive emailed.
  • Laura is continuing to work on the children’s toys.
  • Is working on Professional signs to be used for HOA events and notifications.
  • We are requesting that the city replace the grass and trees that were removed on the west end Steptoe extension.

Next meeting: 3/10/14 @ 700 Joliet