The annual meeting of the Hansen Park Homeowners Association (HOA) was called to order at 7 PM, November 6, 2012 at the Kennewick Public Library.  The annual meeting satisfies a requirement of the bylaws of the HOA to meet annually in November of each year.  The agenda for the meeting is attached and is a part of the minutes of this meeting.

Current Board members attending included Marty Zizzi – President, Treasurer – Cindy Christensen, Communications – Michelle Dolven, Secretary – Kay Zizzi, Faye and Jim Notch – Architecture Control Committee, and Jerry Chandler – Board member at large – Common area Contract, were introduced by the President.

The President noted that the meeting met requirements for a quorum as defined in the bylaws.  A minimum of 150 homeowners in attendance or having submitted their ballot was required based on a minimum requirement of 34 percent of homeowners represented based on the number of properties currently on the rolls for the annual HOA assessment (440 properties as of October 2012).  For the record, more than 190 homeowners were represented at this meeting.  The President noted that an electronic voting procedure was put online at the HOA web site (thanks to the HOA webmaster – Nathan Baker).  This facilitated the collection of ballots to ensure that a quorum existed at the time of the annual meeting.

Each current Board member gave a brief report summarizing activities for the past year as well as presenting future issues that the new Board should consider addressing.

  • President:
    • overall state of the HOA is good.  Financially we continue to operate within our annual revenue receipts as well as maintain a healthy reserve ($25,000).
    • There are a couple of challenges for the future: (1) recruiting and maintaining an active Board, and (2) growing infrastructure requirements that may warrant a small increase in the annual assessment in the future (unchanged from $240 since the origin of the HOA approximately 10 years ago).  Chief among these requirements is common area maintenance of the irrigation system.  Given the age of the system, especially in older parts of the community, sprinkler heads are wearing out and tree roots incursions along the underground path of irrigation pipes is a growing maintenance requirement.
    • The president also currently performs Covenants enforcement.  Overall, enforcement has shown effective results (as a side note, there were no comments from the homeowners in attendance from a negative perspective regarding Covenants enforcement process used by the Board in this regard).
  • Treasurer:  as noted above, the HOA operated this current year within its budget.
    • We have made substantial progress in timely collection of the annual assessment.  There are just a handful of properties in arrears (less than 5 percent) and we are proceeding with a process of establishing liens on these properties as well as adding interest to these accounts each month.
    • The proposed annual budget for 2013 was included in the notice of the annual meeting.  The proposed budget was approved by virtue of submitted ballots, proxies and homeowners in attendance that brought their ballot to the meeting.
    • There were questions from the homeowners attending regarding the budget:
      • (Steve Ristow, 8307 W. 4th Pl):  question about projected overages for 2012. The Treasurer commented that the budget was over on some areas (such as Legal expenses principally associated with Covenants enforcement), irrigation system maintenance, printing/mailing costs (for annual meeting and quarterly newsletter)); but that the budget was under in other areas and that the overall effect actually will result in a slight surplus for the year.
      • (Jared Despain, 8915W. 5th Ave):  are we over on the Common Area contract?  The Treasurer explained that the amount shown is for the entire year – it is an annual fixed price contract and is within budget.  The contract cost is actually set for the next two years with very little change in price.
      • (Laurie Smith, 8528 W. 9th):  Will there be additional landscaping on 10th similar to what the Board did this past year along 4th Ave.?  The budget for 2013 has little to no funds allocated to additional landscaping in 2013 (there are funds allocated for maintaining existing landscaping plus maintenance of the irrigation system).  Instead, discretionary funding will be applied to enhance equipment for children/toddler play areas.  With additional properties under construction, the Board plans to add additional landscaping in 2014.  However, any initiative along 10th Ave will probably have to wait until development begins on the next phase of Hansen Park.
    • The current Treasurer will formally assume the paid position of bookkeeper under the new Board at the expiration of her current term in 2012.  This position was paid at the rate of $600 per month at the start of the year but the Board made a change mid-year that reduced the rate going forward to $300 per month (with substantial improvement in service to the Board…)
    • (Comment/questions on Steptoe extension):  The Board noted that the completion of this project to 4th Ave added some additional sod/turf on the north side of Steptoe (old Clodfelter) that will now come under the responsibility of the HOA to maintain.
  • Architecture Control Committee (ACC):  The committee noted overall improvement in the process for homeowners to utilize the ACC before beginning activities that require ACC approval.  The committee reminded homeowners present on the general guidelines to obtain approval including planning on 20 days ahead of activity to obtain a review and approval.  The committee also remarked on changes to the HOA website regarding policies on submitting requests to the ACC for changes to structures on a property.
  • Common Area Contract – Board member at large.  Board member made note of initiatives over the past year to enhance maintenance of common areas to include the establishment of pet waste containers and trash cans.  The efforts of the boy scouts under the leadership of the LDS church community were acknowledged.
  • Communications:  Noted activities under the purview of this position including the twice annual yard sale activity, Fall BBQ, quarterly newsletters.  This position also maintains the HOA web page (updating through the HOA webmaster) and noted improvements to the web site (such as the electronic voting process installed this year) to facilitate communications within the HOA community.

The new Board was introduced:

  • President:  Chantell Arnold
  • Vice-President:  Dave Jepsen
  • Treasurer:  Nathan Baker
  • Secretary:  Lori Smith
  • At Large Representative, Communications:  Nicole Delapena
  • At Large Representative, ACC:  Joe Lanman
  • At Large Representative, Covenants Enforcement:  Pauline Hall (absent)
  • At Large Representative, Common Area Contract:  Jerry Chandler *

Chantell introduced herself and spoke about her background as a professional engineer and property owner in terms of benefitting the HOA as she takes office.

At the conclusion of Chantell Arnold’s remarks the meeting was adjourned.

*Jerry Chandler was completing a two year term on the Board and will not continue on in a board position.