The meeting was called to order at 7 PM.  Board Members present: Marty and Kay Zizzi, Cindy Christensen, Michelle Dolven, Jerry Chandler, Dave Jepsen, Faye and Jim Notch.  Several invited guests who have expressed interest in the Board attended:  Lori Smith and Branden Wiles, Maren Wilon, Pauline Hall, and Chantell Arnold.


The August 2012 minutes were reviewed and approved.




  • The purpose of inviting guests was to continue the initiative of identifying potential new Board members for the next term (beginning January 1, 2013).  Marty explained the overall structure and functioning of the Board to include specific duties of each Board position.  The foundation of the Covenants was discussed (force of law, etc.) and the role of the Board in applying and enforcing the Covenants.
  • Discussion continued from the previous Board meeting about the potential need to raise the annual assessment to address aging infrastructure – specifically a maintenance program for the component parts (e.g., sprinklers and valves of the common area irrigation system, pond maintenance).   The Covenants permit an annual increase of up to 15 % per year by the Board without a vote required on the part of homeowners.  The annual assessment – currently at $240 per year – has not been increased since the Hansen Park HOA was established.  Marty described examples of emerging problems in irrigation components that the construction of the Steptoe extension/current Clodfelter street project alongside HOA property has exposed.  There was further discussion on raising the annual assessment in the Treasurer’s report (below).
  • The overall status of the current Board member terms was discussed – all positions except the common area maintenance oversight (Jerry Chandler) require new board members.  Current Board members will complete their two year term at the end of 2012.
  • All invited guests were asked about their interest in a Board position and all expressed interest.  Marty will contact each person separately via email to identify specific interest and proceed to have the Board nominate one or more of these individuals to a specific Board position for the next term.
  • Marty noted that an update to the policies has been made and the updated policies are now posted on the HOA website.  The update included removing the Kennewick web pages associated with building codes, city requirements for shed construction, etc.  Instead, the HOA web site provides the links to city documents.  In this way, the HOA web site does not have to worry about any changes to city requirements being “hard coded” in the HOA policies – the reader can simply go directly to the city documents.  The other change was the inclusion of a definition of “earth tones” for painting/repainting of any Hansen Park structure.


Vice-President:  (position vacant)


Treasurer (Cindy Christensen):

  • Cindy noted that there are now 442 properties/homes in Hansen Park – this is the number of homeowners/properties the Board will used to determine the voting majority (34 % of homeowners) required for the annual meeting. 
  • We continue to be on track in terms of the current annual budget performance – in fact, we may realize as much as $1000 under budget for the year.  Cindy will provide the draft of the 2013 budget at the October meeting in preparation for the annual meeting letter that needs to be delivered to each homeowner not less than seven (7) days before the annual meeting.  Cindy believes there will be adequate funds based on the current assessment of $240 per year to meet maintenance requirements and thus obviate the need for any assessment increase.  She will present this information as part of the proposed 2013 budget at the October meeting as part of the materials to be mailed to homeowners for the annual meeting.  In any event, it was suggested that any increase in annual assessment have a lead in year to provide adequate notification to homeowners.  This was approved by the Board.  This issue will be addressed during the annual meeting in November.
  • Cindy discussed delinquent accounts.  She has processed a lien against one address (213 S. Louisiana St.).  Overall, the number of delinquent accounts is at the lowest point in recorded history in terms of numbers/percentage of homeowners in arrears on their annual assessment.


Common Area maintenance (Jerry):

  • Senske contract:  Senske will perform annual fall weed control in the coming weeks.
  • The contract expenditures are on track for the year.
  • Marty noted continued follow-up with the city on the Steptoe/Clodfelter road project.  There will be a traffic signal at the intersection of Steptoe and Clearwater.  There will be no change to traffic control at the intersection of 4th Ave and Steptoe (old Clodfelter).   The City contract called for rock to be laid in the area where old Clodfelter was straightened out (the north side of the street adjoining HOA property).  We are asking the city put sod in that area rather than rock.  The developer has been engaged (Ryan Pratt) and as of this date, it appears the city will put sod in and the HOA will assume responsibility for maintaining this area as part of the common area maintenance.


Covenants enforcement (Marty):

  • Nothing exceptional to report. 


Communications (Michelle):

  • Michelle updated the Board on the initiative to prepare position descriptions for Board positions for the annual BBQ scheduled for September 15.  We will use the annual BBQ to recruit/interest attendees in Board membership.
  • Proxy voting sheets have also been prepared for the BBQ.
  • Michelle noted a complaint about the appearance of the mailboxes on Kansas between 5th and 6th Ave.  The Board will look at this and come up with a solution to include the HOA putting in rock if necessary.


Architecture Control Committee (Faye and Jim Notch):

  • The ACC is still working with Don Pratt Construction on the sign-off for the first property built with a solar device.  There is a second property with a solar device (also roof mounted) under construction that will require ACC approval. 
  • The ACC discussed the property at 8720 W. 1st Ave. that has a shed attached to the house.  The owner maintains that they had received approval for this shed from the HOA Board.  There is no record of this and we will go back to the owners requiring them to produce a record of any approval.  Otherwise the Board will require the owner to bring the shed into compliance with the Covenants.
  • The ACC discussed the issue of the property at 203 S. Louisiana St. that has a shed not compliant.  The current owners were unaware of the requirement when the property was purchased this past year.  The consensus of the Board was to discuss with the HOA attorney for a temporary exception to avoid putting the homeowner in a position that could result in significant costs to them through no fault on their part.  Marty will discuss with the HOA attorney to come up with a position/solution.



The next Board meeting is scheduled for October 9 at 7 PM.  The primary agenda for this meeting will be the formal preparation for the annual meeting scheduled for November 6.




Kay Zizzi,