The meeting was called to order at 7 PM.  Board Members present: Marty and Kay Zizzi, Cindy Christensen, Michelle Dolven, Jerry Chandler, Dave Jepsen.  Faye and Jim Notch were away (excused absence).

The July 2012 minutes were reviewed and approved.


  • Marty recommended that Dave Jepsen be appointed to the Board for the remainder of this year’s term (through Dec 31, 2012).  Dave will be on the ballot for the next Board member election as part of the annual meeting for a two year term.  Principal duties will be Covenant enforcement.
  • Status of recruiting additional board members:  Robyn Foster has contacted the Board about interest in the Secretary position on the Board.  Marty will contact her and invite her to the next Board meeting.
  • We have heard nothing further from the Creekstone management company regarding outside management companies performing certain Board functions.

Vice-President:  (position vacant)

Treasurer (Cindy Christensen):

  • We are basically on track for the yearly budget although the month to date reflects we are over budget.  The difference is amounts already paid for property taxes that will not occur again.  The budget for legal is over but overall amount budgeted for legal is small.  The budget for general maintenance (Dan Meinhardt) is over but we should be OK for the entire budget by the end of the year.
  • There was discussion about the idea of raising annual assessment (up to 15% per year without general membership approval per the Covenants).  A lot of what Dan Meinhardt has been doing relates to aging of irrigation system components that will require ongoing attention as the community grows.  Marty will work with Dan to develop a multi-tier budget that addresses different levels of activity.  The landscaping initiative of this current year will be significantly reduced in any case since a major part of future activity is this area would be maintenance as opposed to initial development and materials.  Faye and Jim Notch noted in an email response to the idea of raising the annual assessment that there should be additional houses that will contribute to the annual assessment that are not in the budget yet.  If the Board decides to go forward with this initiative, it should be part of the annual meeting materials so that all homeowners are advised what is coming before they see their annual assessment bill in December.
  • Cindy discussed delinquent accounts.  There are a total of only six accounts (i.e., homeowners/properties) that are in arrears for the full amount of the annual assessment.  We are preparing to go forward with liens against these properties.
  • Cindy also noted a need to update our accounting software so that we have a better record of deposits.  This should have been corrected some time ago (previous bookkeeper).

Common Area maintenance (Jerry):

  • Senske contract:  Marty noted that Senske (Scott0 stated a desire to attend this meeting but did not make it.  Homeowners have remarked/complained about the apparent higher than normal level of cleaning of small sprinklers.  This is a result an algae treatment performed by KID in conjunction with requirements set out by federal government role in regulating irrigation water.
  • The contract expenditures are on track for the year.
  • Marty mentioned that he and Dan Meinhardt had a meeting with City representatives regarding the current Clodfelter road project underway.  Both Dan and Marty expressed some concerns about trees that would probably be lost as a result of the modification to the roadway.  Marty wrote up a memo for record and sent it to the City engineer that attended the meeting (Dan Jacobsen).  WE all agreed that the contractor (Apollo) should go ahead and remove the trees in questions now.

Covenants enforcement (Marty):

  • Nothing exceptional to report.  201 S. Louisiana was sent letter regarding the current house color (a bright yellow).  The owner has responded in a positive manner and has the house scheduled for repainting this fall.

Communications (Michelle):

  • Summer newsletter is complete and will be mailed out shortly by the printer.  Extra copies of the newsletter will be available at the annual BBQ in September.
  • We will use the annual BBQ to recruit/interest attendees in Board membership.

Architecture Control Committee (Faye and Jim Notch):

  • The monthly report is part of these minutes (Jim and Faye were out of town for this meeting).

The next Board meeting is scheduled for September 11 at 7 PM.

Kay Zizzi,