The meeting was called to order at 7 PM.  Board Members present: Marty and Kay Zizzi, Cindy Christensen, Faye and Jim Notch, Michelle Dolven, Jerry Chandler, Dave Jepsen (invited guest)

The June 2012 minutes were reviewed and approved.


  • Status of recruiting additional board members:  frustrating!..  Only one contact has responded – Dave and Laura Jepsen.  Dave will be involved in the Covenants enforcement function and will work with Marty to become comfortable with the process the current Board is using for Covenants enforcement.
  • Follow-up:  call to the Creekstone HOA inquiring about their management company and to find out what the amount of the annual assessment, role of the management company, etc.  Contact was made with a VP located in Colorado who indicated she would provide additional information in the coming weeks.  The VP indicated that the management company can provide a range of services depending on the needs of the HOA.  Obviously, all of this comes with a cost depending on the service requested.

Vice-President:  (position vacant)

Treasurer (Cindy Christensen):

  • We are right on track for our major monthly expenditure.  As of the end of May, the HOA has about $1800 in accounts receivables made up almost totally of annual assessments outstanding/not paid.  This amount is approximately less than 2 percent of the annual budget – a relatively good figure for a nonprofit organization.
  • Ongoing maintenance activities (Dan Meinhardt) – higher than originally planned but within the HOA budget to accommodate.  Main is of emphasis for the coming months are sprinkler maintenance/replacement.  Landscaping is completed.
  • Legal costs/fees; the Board agreed that we will pursue the two most recent legal fees associated with the HOA attorney fees associated with two properties (213 S. Louisiana Sat and 8803 W. 3rd) for Covenant violations.  The Board through the Treasurer will proceed with billing these two homeowners with legal costs (attorney letters) and if the statements are not paid – proceed with a lien against these properties.

Common Area maintenance (Jerry):

  • Senske contract:  Jerry noted that there had been recent incidents of Senske mowers running into trees.  The contractor was put on notice (direct conversation between the Senske manager – Scott – and Dan Meinhardt) representing the HOA interests that this is a contract performance issue.
  • The contract expenditures are on track for the year.

Covenants enforcement (Marty):

  • As noted above – two properties – 8803 W. 3rd and 213 S. Louisiana were sent letters by the HOA attorney for failure to respond to violation letters.  Both properties have not responded to the attorney letters and the Board will pursue the costs of the attorney letters with a formal billing.  If not paid, the Board will institute liens against these properties (213 S. Louisiana St is also in arrears on the annual assessment).
  • There was a discussion on “grandfathering” sheds that have been in place for some time.  A specific case involved a homeowner that recently purchased a property and then received a letter concerning their shed that apparently has been on the property for several years.  After consultation with the HOA attorney, the Board understands and agrees that there can be no grandfathering – this would violate the principles of the Covenants in that omissions on the part of previous Board do not create a “grandfather” situation for a homeowner.  The Board will work with the homeowner to provide ample time to correct the situation.

Communications (Michelle):

  • Summer newsletter is near completion – plan to mail out in early August.
  • The annual BBQ date has been set for September 15 with a tentative time set for 4 – 630 PM.  The Fall yardsale is set for September 29.

Architecture Control Committee (Faye and Jim Notch):

  • Pratt Construction responded on the unsold property that has a solar heating device mounted on the roof.  Since the properties on either side are unsold and the house backs up to 10th Ave, the issue of adjacent homes granting approval is mute.
  • The monthly report from the ACC is attached as part of these minutes.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for August 14 at 7 PM.

Kay Zizzi,