The meeting was called to order at 7 PM.  Board Members present: Marty and Kay Zizzi, Cindy Christensen, Faye and Jim Notch, Michelle Dolven.  Absent:  Jerry Chandler: Invited guests:  Dave and Laura Jepsen.

The May 2012 minutes were reviewed and approved.


  • Invitations were again sent to several potential new Board members but none are in attendance other than the Jepsens who have been regulars at the Board meeting for the past several months.  Marty is working with Dave Jepsen on getting more familiar with Covenants enforcement procedures.
  • Marty placed a call to the Creekstone HOA inquiring about their management company and to find out what the amount of the annual assessment, role of the management company, etc.  Unfortunately, the original called was not returned.  He will continue to pursue this information.

Vice-President:  (position vacant)

Treasurer (Cindy Christensen):

  • We are right on track for our major monthly expenditure – the Senske common area maintenance – approximately 47% through May. The HOA continues to maintain the $25,000 reserve in the form of a CD that is instantly accessible.  We are at the max point on the landscaping initiatives (Dan Meinhardt).  Marty will talk with Dan to get a more up to date picture for the next Board meeting.
  • Legal expenses – although not significant – have increased from last year.  Faye noted that our past practice of waiving legal fees to homeowners that have received attorney letters may have t be looked at t=for the future.  There have been only 3 or 4 such cases this year but the Boar was in agreement that we should take a more aggressive stand on this for the future.
  • Cindy noted that as a result of taking over the bookkeeping efforts, she has been able to collect additional past due annual assessments simply by writing the homeowner and noting that they are in arrears and that they may think their dues are paid out of their mortgage escrow account (which they are not).  As a result, several homeowners immediately paid their past due assessment.  She will continue to follow-up on this.
  • With the change of bookkeeper functions (termination of Terri Quinn), Cindy is finalizing a more accurate position description for the bookkeeper along with internal control aspects of separation of responsibilities for the Treasurer and bookkeeper.  The Board agreed to compensate Cindy $300 per month for performing the bookkeeper functions (a decrease of $330 that was being paid to Terri Quinn).

Common area maintenance (Senske contract):  Jerry Chandler was absent but the contract is performing as required.

Covenants enforcement:

  • Don Pratt construction has not responded to the Board letter on the solar heating device placed on a yet unsold home on 9th Ave.  Marty will follow up with another letter to Pratt Construction as well as an info copy to the realty listing company (Windermere).
  • Marty discussed the principle of grandfathering an existing shed that does not meet Covenant requirements.  In this particular case, the home was recently sold and the new owners were unaware of the issue and were citing the fact that the shed had been in place for 8 years.  After discussion with the HOA attorney, the Board will not attempt to follow any practice of “grandfathering”.  The attorney pointed out that Article 9 is specific that a failure on the part of a Board – present or past – does not waive any requirement under the Covenants.  Marty will write a response to the homeowner offering a 90 day period to make the correction (the attorney advised that offering a very reasonable period of time to come into compliance was a very reasonable approach).
  • Marty noted that 213 S. Louisiana St. – a problem property for some time in terms of owner compliance with the Covenants – again has a trailer parked on the driveway and an inoperable vehicle also parked on the driveway.  Marty will begin consultation with the attorney on an enforcement action.

Architecture Committee report (Faye and Jim Notch):

  • Faye and Jim presented their monthly ACC report (part of these minutes).  They highlighted past month activities on the part of homeowners in sheds coming into compliance.
  • They noted that the Board responded to the property at 9th Ave and Joliet on the “bermed” garden noting that the Board gave approval to proceed with the current plan but suggested the owner consider a fence in the future.
  • They observe – on one of their walks – a homeowner letting his pet out to deposit on the common area.  We will write that homeowner a letter pointing out their responsibility to pick up after their pets.

Communications (Michelle Dolven):

  • September 29 was selected as the tentative date for the Fall yard sale
  • September 15 was tentatively selected as the date for the Fall BBQ – time has to be finalized.
  • Preparations underway for a summer newsletter in August that will announce these dates (Marty to begin work on the President’s message).

Kay Zizzi