The meeting was called to order at 7 PM.  Board Members present: Marty and Kay Zizzi, Cindy Christensen, Faye and Jim Notch.  Absent (excused:  Michele Dolven, Jerry Chandler.   Invited guests:  Dave and Laura Jepsen, Janet Karbeck and her husband.

The April 2012 minutes were reviewed and approved.


  • Marty introduced invited guests.  The Jepsens had attended last month’s board meeting.  Marty reviewed the Board initiative to invite potential new board members to the monthly meeting as an effort to add both new board members and provide a mentoring process ahead of formal nomination and election to the Board at the annual meeting.  He noted – as discussed in previous meetings – which Board members need orientation and mentoring ahead of formal duties and that present board members are willing to do that.  He mentioned the latest “Mini Report” published by an attorney that reflects items of interest across the country regarding HOAs.  This issue addressed the lack of participation by HOA members in their Boards and the particular challenges that presents to each individual HOA.  Marty mentioned his review of the Creekstone Covenants and the fact that the Creekstone HOA apparently has a management company employed in administering the HOA.  Marty plans to find out more about this aspect.
  • The Jepsens expressed interest in the Covenants enforcement aspect of Board responsibilities but Want to find out more about what is involved.


  • Cindy Christensen gave the financial report.  We presently have about 475 properties in the HOA.  We are on track in the budget and continue to maintain $25,000 in reserve in an accessible CD.  The major items in the budget continue to be the annual grounds maintenance contract (i.e., common area maintenance including grass cutting), and the funds allotted to our use of Dan Menihardt for sprinkler maintenance and landscaping initiatives.
  • Cindy brought the Board up to date on our termination of Terri Quinn who was providing HOA bookkeeping services.  We are moving these responsibilities to a local CPA firm (Tri Cities Tax) at a lower rate as well as improving overall internal controls and responsiveness.   Cindy will also assume some duties as we refine these processes.  Our annual assessment collection ($240 per property) is on track.
  • Marty discussed his conversation with the HOA attorney – Eric Butterworth – regarding installing processes for pursuing delinquent accounts.  The HOA cannot utilize a collection service and pursue liens at the same time – they would conflict with each other.  The most direct process – fully supported by the law behind the Covenants – is to initiate liens for any outstanding debt by a property owner.  Once established, a lien may be added to without establishing a new lien.

Common area contract:

  • Jerry Chandler was not present – Marty filled in:  There was an issue with a broken sprinkler flooding a homeowner’s backyard on 4th Pl.  Dan Meinhardt addressed the issue but this points out the issue with poor installation of sprinklers in some area by the developer requiring the HOA to spend money to rectify the situation.
  • The Jepsens asked about landscaping at the entry point to Hansen Park at 4th Ave and Clodfelter.  This was addressed previously to the Developer.  Because of the pending project to extend Steptoe, this work will not be done until the road construction is completed.

Covenants Enforcement:

  • Marty noted that overall compared to this time a year ago, the HOA is in much better shape.  Issues of proper storage of trash containers continue to crop up but not at the rate compared to a year ago.  Significant efforts by the ACC to correct issues such as improperly built/not approved sheds continues.  It is noteworthy that in every case that the HOA/ACC has pursued an issue, the homeowner has come into compliance although it may take several weeks or even months to do this.  We are in the RV season and this always present s a challenge as the 24 hour rule in the Covenants is a challenge for someone wanting to “stage” a vehicle for a trip.
  • Marty noted that the issue of an improper antenna at a property on 3rd Ave is now closed.  Extensive research in the federal law (FCC) reflects this issue would probably be adjudicated in the homeowner’s favor based on federal law which would trump the Covenants.  Marty conferred with the HOA attorney on this and he concurred.
  • Marty noted the installation of a roof mounted solar water heater by Don Pratt construction on a new home (not sold).  The solar powered device was featured in a local newspaper story.  Marty will write Don Pratt Construction to remind them of the Covenant requirement to submit a request to the ACC.  For the record, the Board is not against these devices and will extablish a policy that explains the requirements that a home owner would have to meet to install such a device.


  • The Notches present a report (part of these minutes) on AC activities this past month.  They specifically addressed a request by a homeowner on W. 9th that acquired a corner lot next to his house for the purpose of putting in a garden.  The property has been “bermed” to hide the ground level view of the Lot.  The Board has some concerns about what the homeowner’s ultimate intention is and will formally write him in this regard.

Kay Zizzi