Board members present:  Marty and Kay Zizzi, Faye and Jim Notch, Michelle Dolven, Cindy Christensen, Jerry Chandler.  Invited guests:  Scott McKenzie, common area maintenance contractor (Senske Lawn and Tree Care)

The March 2012 minutes were reviewed and approved.


  • Marty introduced Scott McKenzie, the local project manager for the HOA common area maintenance contract.  Scott asked to meet with the Board to introduce himself and his role in insuring contract performance for the 2012 contract year.  He works closely with Dan Meinhardt who is employed by the Board to oversee landscaping initiatives as well as maintenance of the irrigation system sprinklers.  Pending start up of irrigation water at or around April 17, Senske will begin mowing services as well as scheduled fertilization/weed control services.  Marty mentioned past issues with control of the irrigation system.  Scott acknowledged that this responsibility falls under Dan to ensure proper watering as well as protection of the sprinkler heads (subject to damage by mowers if care is not exercised).  Marty noted that the HOA and Senske signed a new contract to provide for two (2) option periods for the contact originally signed in December 1011.  The cost of the 1st option period (2013) will be the same as this year and with a slight increase for the 2nd option period (2014).  Both parties can opt out of the contract with one month’s notice.  The benefit of this multiyear contract is to relieve the Board of the significant workload to recompete the contract yearly but at the same time assure the HOA is receiving value for the contract cost.  Scott departed the meeting after this introduction.
  • Marty introduced Dave and Laura Jepsen, 700 S. Joliet.  Dave approached Marty about interest in the Board after the spring newsletter noted the critical need for additional board members.  Marty noted the initiative by the Board to invite interested homeowners to the monthly Board meeting to introduce potential future Board members to the Board process with an emphasis on mentoring any potential new Board members well ahead of formal election.  The Jepsens expressed interest in the Covenants enforcement aspect of the Board process.
  • Marty noted that he had invited the Jim and Linda Deatherage to this meeting along with Brian Kelly and Jeremy Simmons but they did not attend this meeting.  The Board will continue to invite them to future meetings.
  • Marty mentioned the most recent Washington state wide HOA newsletter published by the Paine Hamblen law firm (April 2012).  A copy of that newsletter will be part of the minutes for the April meeting.  Marty mentioned some anecdotal information provided in the newsletter about the issue of recruiting new board members for HOAs across the U.S.

Financial/Treasurer (Cindy Christensen):

  • Financial reports published by the HOA bookkeeper (Terri Quinn) reflect the HOA budget is on track.  Cindy is preparing policies on collections and a lien process when required due to delinquent annual HOA assessment receipts.  Marty will contact the HOA attorney with regards to how a lien is processed vs. pursuing an outstanding debt more formally through small claims court.
  • There are some recurring issues with the responsiveness of the HOA bookkeeper (Terri Quinn).  The most current issue is that accuracy of the accounts receivable records maintained by Terri and whether checks received from homeowners for annual assessments are accurately recorded (not an embezzlement question but rather accuracy of the status of accounts in arrears).  Marty and Cindy will address this issue offline and report back to the Board at the May meeting.
  • Marty noted a past discussion about owners with two lots and whether they should be assessed two assessments rather than a single assessment.  There are apparently four (4) such properties in Hansen Park but research reveals that the properties are recorded as one plat.  The sense of the Board is to acknowledge the properties as one plat (i.e., one single annual assessment for the property) and consider this question mute at this point.

Covenants Enforcement:

  • Marty summarized current enforcement actions.  The positive trend of reduced notifications to homeowners on violations continues.  The properties at 213 S. Louisiana and 8414 W. 3rd that received letters from the attorney have responded in a positive manner.   213 S. Louisiana has moved the trailer from the driveway.  8414 W. 3rd is working with the HOA ACC to submit a plan to address the issue of the trailer, trash cans and landscaping issues noted in the attorney letters.
  • The issue of the “TV” aerial/antenna is still open.  Marty is working with the attorney to contact the FCC to get a better understanding of the law.  So far, the FCC has been unresponsive but the HOA will continue to pursue.
  • The Board discussed the question of “grandfathering” sheds put up by home owners that have gone “unnoticed” in the past by the Board.  The consensus of the Board is that “grandfathering” a structure is not appropriate and that the Covenants are clear that failure to act on an improper structure or compliance with a Covenant does not provide the homeowner an excuse when an enforcement action is initiated.  Marty confirmed this approach as consistent with the Covenants with the HOA attorney.


  • Michelle confirmed the dates for the spring yard sale (May 19) and the fall yard sale (September 29) annual BBQ.  The spring newsletter was mailed out and among other information is asking for suggestions for the fall annual BBQ.  The newsletter will also highlight updates to Board policies.  The Board has put together a “Covenants primer” that will be posted on the web site.

Architecture Control Committee:

  • Faye and Jim commented on the ongoing challenges with homeowners starting construction on projects without ACC review and approval.  We will touch on this in the upcoming newsletter.
  • The ACC report submitted by Faye and Jim is a part of the minutes for March.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for May 7 at 7 PM.

Kay Zizzi