Board members present:  Marty and Kay Zizzi, Faye and Jim Notch, Michelle Dolven.  Absent (excused):  Cindy Christensen, Jerry Chandler.  Invited guests:  Brian Kelly, Jim and Linda Deatherage

The February 2012 minutes were reviewed and approved.


  • Marty welcomed Jim and Linda Deatherage and Brian Kelly to the Board meeting.  Invitations were extended to these home homeowners based on possible interest in joining the Board as part of the Board’s initiative to recruit additional board members for the next term.  An invitation was also extended the Jeremy Simmons but he was unable to attend this meeting.  The business part of the Board meeting was relatively short (see items below) so as to allow as much time as possible for discussion with invited guests.

Financial/Treasurer update (Cindy Christensen):

  • Cindy was absent due to business travel requirements.  Financial reports published by the HOA bookkeeper (Terri Quinn) reflect the HOA budget is on track.  Cindy is preparing policies on collections and a lien process when required due to delinquent annual HOA assessment receipts.

Common Area maintenance contract:

  • Marty discussed pursuing a multiple option year contract with the current common area contractor (Senske).  He will call/email Senske to get this process started.

Covenants Enforcement:

  • Marty summarized current enforcement actions:
    • The HOA attorney wrote letters to two properties:  213 S. Louisiana and 8414 W. 3rd.  213 S. Louisiana is now in compliance (trailer removed from driveway) and Marty met with the owners of 8413 W. 3rd about their multiple violations (shed, fence, completion of landscaping).  The owners assured Marty they would come into compliance – Marty will continue to track on a monthly basis.
  •   The biggest challenge the Board faces with regard to Covenants enforcement relates to parking of RVs/boats on properties.  Homeowners will often complain that the 24 hour limitation is not realistic given owners will often stage an RV/boat during the week for use the coming weekend.  The Board is not insensitive to this but enforces the Covenants as they are written.  A change to the Covenants would require a full two thirds of all owners not just a simple majority.  This issue may require further attention on the part of the Board this year.  The second challenge continues to be owners putting “structures” in place (most common:  sheds) without going through the ACC process.  We currently have several open issues with homeowners in this regard that ACC/Covenants enforcement is pursuing.


  • Michelle confirmed the dates for the annual yard sales and the annual BBQ.  A newsletter will be published in March and will include the dates.  The newsletter will also highlight updates to Board policies.

Common area maintenance contract (Jerry Chandler);

  • Jerry was absent.  Marty noted ongoing discussions with Senske to extend the current contract with additional option years.  We hope to complete this action in the coming weeks.

Architecture Control Committee:

  • Faye and Jim commented on the ongoing challenges with homeowners starting construction on projects with ACC review and approval.  We will touch on this in the upcoming newsletter.

A general discussion ensued for the purpose of informing our guests on the role and function of the various components of the Board.  A suggestion was made that the present Board could/should serve to mentor potential new and future Board members to mitigate the void that typically occurs when a new Board transitions.  Our visitors were asked about their interest in joining the Board in advance of the next annual meeting/elections.  All expressed interest as well as concerns about transfer of experience and knowledge.  Present Board members expressed their willingness to mentor and work with prospective new Board members.  For example, Marty offered to continue in a role with Covenant enforcement to transition new Board members in this role.  The meeting concluded with comments from our visitors that they would be willing to attend additional Board meetings in the future.

Kay Zizzi