Board members present:  Marty and Kay Zizzi, Cindy Christiansen, Jerry Chandler

The January 2012 minutes were reviewed and approved.


  • Continuing discussion on recruiting additional board members.  Marty will call one or more HA members to solicit interest.  Goal is to get a number of homeowners to attend one or more board meetings with no obligation to see how the board works.

Financial/Treasurer update (Cindy Christensen):

  • Cindy discussed status of collections (past due annual assessments) process.  Collection agency is on board.  The Board needs to sort out for its own information how a lien process would work if the collection agency is involved.  Cindy will call Donna Vance on how the lien process works.  Cindy will finalize a policies and procedures addition on this process and we will publish this information in the next newsletter.
  •  Overall budget status is good – on track.

Common Area maintenance contract:

  • Marty discussed pursuing a multiple option year contract with the current common area contractor (Senske).  He will call/email Senske to get this process started.

Covenants Enforcement:

  • Marty summarized current enforcement actions.  He noted that compared to this time last year, overall compliance on the most common problem – proper storage of trash containers – is vastly improved.
  • There are two current problem properties that the Board will pursue through the HOA attorney:  213 So. Louisiana (ongoing parking of trailer in driveway) and 8414 W. 3rd Ave. (multiple violations including shed, trash container storage, trailer and unfinished landscaping).


  • We will publish a spring newsletter in March.

Architecture Control Committee:

  • No report this month.  Fay and Jim have been requested to draft a revised policy of structures and a separate policy on flagpoles.  They will work with Marty on this.

Kay Zizzi