Present:  Marty and Kay Zizzi, Terry Wintrode, Jerry Chandler, Michelle Dolven, Cindy Christensen, Faye and Jim Notch.

The December 2011 minutes were reviewed and approved.


  • Discussion on recruiting additional board members:  The Board will focus on recruiting new/additional board members over the next several months.  The objective is not just looking forward to the annual issue of getting new board members on the annual meeting ballot but to attempt to bring new members aboard during the year to ease transition into the positions.  Michelle sent out a note to several residents/community friendsBrain Kelley has shown some interest.  Another name we should pursue is Jeremy Simmons.  Marty will contact specific individuals including the Deathridges.  Terry mentioned some names and will continue to pursue in the coming weeks.


  • Terry discussed the recurring issue of unleashed dogs running loose particularly in the pond area.  Discussion also addressed signs on conduct/rules in the pond area.  Dan Meinhardt is arranging for additional signs to address pets, fishing, and swimming.  Kennewick has a leash law – pets are not allowed to run loose and this includes inside the perimeter of fenced pond area.  Terry checked with our liability insurance carrier to inquire about putting signs up regarding the age of minor children not attended by an adult.  Our carrier stated that we should not post a sign on age limits as this will create a potential liability outside of that age limit.  Dan Meinhardt is having additional signs made to be fastened to the gate areas.
  • Cindy mentioned that a resident who is wheel chair bound complained about geese droppings on the walkway around the pound.  The Board sympathizes with this issue but considers this to be a normal hazard similar to the park areas alongside the Columbia River where geese tend to flock.
  • Terry will send out a notice to bidders on the landscape contract (awarded to Senske) on the bid process and the Board’s decision to award the contract to Senske.  Marty will contact Senske about a multiple year contract (option year award instead of formally rebidding the contract every year).  The options periods will be two 1 year options.


  • Discussion on placing liens on properties that have also been processed for collection – Cindy will explore this topic to make sure the Board is clear on any potential conflict between our collections agent and the HOA’s ability to place a lien on a property with delinquent assessment accounts.  The Board’s objective is to put a policy in place regarding collections and the process for a lien that can be posted on the website for all property owners to see.

Common area maintenance (Jerry Chandler):

  • Scott McKenzie representing Senske did not come to the meeting as previously scheduled.
  • As noted above, Marty will talk to Senske about option years on the current contract.  We would require Senske to formally submit a proposal with pricing for the two option years.
  • Trees on 4th Ave. require pruning – Dan Meinhardt scheduling this as weather permits to be completed before Spring
  • Marty instructed Dan – as per previous Board budget agreement – that he has a budget of $7500 for landscaping improvements for 2012.  We will re-evaluate this at midyear if additional funds are available.  A budget for sprinkler maintenance was previously approved for the 2012 budget (this will be a multiyear ongoing maintenance item.
  • Dan informed Marty that one (of two) aerator pump at the pond is burned out.  Dan had secured a rebuilt pump and will install the replacement as well as address repairing the damaged pump (so that the HOA always has one in reserve).
  • Dan is following up with the gate fabricator to improve the strength of the hinges.

CCR enforcement:

  • Overall continuing improvement in general compliance.  Two properties present distinct challenges in the coming months – 8414 W. 3rd with multiple violations and 213 S. Louisiana – the latter for a continuing improperly parked trailer in the driveway.  Marty is discussing next actions on these two properties with the HOA attorney.

ACC:  Faye and Jim had nothing to report at this time but will submit an addendum for the minutes between now and the next meeting.


Michelle will schedule the next newsletter for sometime in late winter (probably march).  Topics will include schedule for the two yard sales, annual BBQ as well as general reminders as we move into the Spring/Summer timeframe.

Kay Zizzi