Welcome to Hansen Park HOA


The Hansen Park HOA is an association of homeowners in the Hansen Park Development in Kennewick, Washington. Our main goals of the homeowners’ association are to maintain the property value of the residents, create a sense of community and preserve the architectural integrity of the neighborhood.


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Attend the Board Meeting

All members of the Hansen Park community are invited to attend our upcoming monthly HOA Board Meeting.  As an integral part of our community, your participation and input are highly valued.   The board meeting provides an excellent opportunity for you to stay informed about important matter and contribute your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns.  Your attendance ensures that your voice is heard and that decision made reflect the best interests of our community as a whole.  

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Ever Consider Joining the Board or a Committee?

The Hansen Park HOA Board plays a vital role in making important decisions, managing community resources, and fostering a thriving neighborhood for all residents. By joining the board, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact, work collaboratively with other dedicated community members, and contribute your unique skills and insights.
The following positions are vacant:
Landscape Chairman
Events Coordinator