Welcome to Hansen Park HOA


The Hansen Park HOA is an association of homeowners in the Hansen Park Development in Kennewick, Washington. Our main goals of the homeowners’ association are to maintain the property value of the residents, create a sense of community and preserve the architectural integrity of the neighborhood.


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Pond Shore Rock Restoration Project Complete

The contractor has completed applying new rock to the pond and it has reopened.  

Thank you for your patience during construction.

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HOA Board Meetings Have Returned to Online

Tuesday, May 10, HOA Board meetings will return to online Zoom meetings only.  


New Playground Equipment

Coming soon to Hansen Park

Springtime Care and Feeding of your Property

As we move into Spring and Summer time, we encourage homeowners to consider ongoing maintenance requirements of their properties.  There are three major areas of property maintenance that typically require ongoing homeowner’s attention:

  •     Weathered exteriors that may require repainting – especially for homes with siding
  •     Fence maintenance – especially wood fences that require periodic re-staining
  •       Lawn/front garden maintenance – especially for weeds.  This includes weed control in rock gardens and along sidewalks and in driveways

For further information, consult the Covenants and HOA policies that can be found on the Hansen Park website: HOA Governance Page